February 19–August 21, 2011


Wednesday March 9th, 6 p.m.at theCourtyard Gallery

(A Reception will be held in the atrium at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts following the talk)


I MA G I N A R YA CTIVE reflects the unlimited potential for new life-forms in art as well as the world we inhabit.  For centuries, people have invented and relayed stories of creatures hidden both within our midst and far beyond it:  From the ancient hierarchies of angels and demons, to the sweet cleverness of fairies and elves, and onward to the cryptozoological mysteries of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.  In an era in which UFOs are sighted and archived on a daily basis, the distance between real and unreal has never appeared so slim.

Artists featured in this show

Curated byStephen St. Francis Decky and Chelsea Coon

Part of the MFA since it’s founding, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts offers a learning environment created by artists, for artists- a place that supports a wide range of investigation and development of a personal vision. Its all elective, interdisciplinary studio program is taught by a diverse faculty of practicing artists. Armed with passion and talent and provided with individualized tools, SMFA students develop in unique and surprising ways.

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Carolyn McKenzie

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